Whether you’re looking for insurance for one day, a week or a few months, at Create you can customise the length of your cover for your latest project. So if you need short term public liability insurance for a one off event, or you only need to insure hired equipment for a brief time, Create can help.

At Create, we offer short term policies on public liability insurance or technical and portable equipment cover, you can buy either or both. However if you’re looking for an annual policy, head here to start a quote.

Can you get short term public liability insurance?

Yes, at Create you can buy a one off public liability insurance policy for as long as you need it. Our short term public liability options go up to 180 days, so whether you want cover for a week, 78 or 104 days, you can tailor the temporary period you need insurance for.

Can you get insurance for one day or a one off event?

Our public liability and equipment insurance can be bought for just one event, if that’s all you need it for. To give you an idea, you can purchase £1m public liability cover for a week for £28.*

How does short term equipment insurance work?

When you are arranging your equipment insurance online, you can opt to be covered for the time that suits your project. This includes hired equipment too. So if you’re working on a project that requires extra rental equipment, the hired gear will be classed as your own for the time period agreed. You will just need to ensure that the total value of owned and hired equipment doesn’t exceed your cover limit, for example £30k of your own equipment and £5k hired, on a £35k cover limit. If you need to increase your agreed limit, you will need to let us know.

Get short term insurance from £28* a week

Whether you need equipment or public liability insurance, adjust your cover to suit the time it’s needed for.

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