Been asked to get public liability insurance for a project but not sure what it actually is? Here’s everything you need to know, jargon free.

When you’ve got a cool project in the pipeline, the last thing you need is a headache about what insurance does what. Public liability Insurance or PLI is often requested when you are using someone else’s premises or using a public space, as it will protect you if you were to accidentally injure someone or damage their property.

If your next project involves other people, it’s likely you’ve been asked to show proof of public liability insurance. If you haven’t heard of it before, here are a few reasons to consider it for your freelance business.

Slips, trips and falls in a photo studio

Extension leads, endless cable and external hard drives come with territory of a camera expert. No matter how safe you try to be on set, the hustle and bustle of a working studio can be hard to control. If someone slips, trips or falls over your video or photography equipment, you could be held accountable for a public liability claim.

Dropping make up on expensive flooring

As a makeup artist, you probably get to work at some beautiful wedding locations and cool catwalk spots. But if you accidentally drop your brightest eye shadow palette on expensive cream carpet or your make up box leaves a dent in antique flooring, the venue may make a claim against you.

Your equipment causing damage to the electrics

Let’s say you have a DJ gig lined up at a sought-after club. You take along your own equipment, but during sound check, a dodgy wire in your decks blows the electrics in their PA system. As it’s your responsibility to keep your kit in check, it’s unlikely they’ll want to claim on their own insurance for the damage.

Spilling a drink on a venue’s sound system

You’re an actor in dress rehearsals at a high-end theatre. During a dramatic scene, you don’t realise your full water bottle has been knocked over and is dripping into the speakers. The theatre send you a hefty damages bill, which would be covered if you had public liability insurance.

Your camera rigging falling down and hurting someone

Picture this: you’ve just lined up a great shot with your new Canon Cinema EOS and you’re ready to start shooting a scene from a high angle. You thought the mount was super secure but suddenly it falls 8 metres from the ceiling and lands on a dancer’s foot. Our public liability insurance covers working at heights below 10 metres, so may be able to protect you from any claims that arise.

Sound like a familiar freelance nightmare? Avoid hefty compensation, defence costs and medical bills with public liability insurance. The cost of public liability insurance varies for each project, location and risks. Why not get a quote today to find out how much you could cover your business for.

Any views or opinions expressed above are for guidance only and are expressed in generic terms. They are not intended as a substitute for readers taking appropriate professional advice relevant to individual circumstances. We would always encourage readers to seek professional advice.

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