As well as being a great internal communication tool for companies and teams working on a project, Slack has become a popular platform for public communities based on topics and interests. Below we run-through some of the best Slack communities for freelancers.

Best Slack communities for freelancers

Working as a freelancer can often feel isolating. While ‘traditional’ employees have colleagues to interact with and bounce ideas off, working on your own can sometimes mean you have to make a conscious effort to connect with like-minded people.

Joining an online community can be a great way for freelancers to avoid social isolation and gain new perspectives, resources and connections to help advance your freelance career. One of the best platforms for online communities is the business communication tool Slack.

What is Slack?

Slack was launched in 2013 as primarily a messaging app for companies to communicate without the need for constant and excessive email chains. It has now become an indispensable tool for a lot of remote teams who use it to manage and collaborate on projects and workstreams.

As well as being used for internal communications, Slack has also become a popular platform for public communities based on topics and interests – allowing users to sign up to communities and chat with other members in real-time.

Being part of a Slack community can give you added visibility in your profession, a constant source of help and advice and access to resources that may not be shared publicly. Whether you want a second opinion on a project you are working on, looking for some advice on an issue you have or would just like to take part in discussions about your field, Slack communities are a great way of bringing the benefits of having peers to a freelance worker.

What are the best Slack communities for freelancers?

Below we have listed some of the best Slack communities for freelancers to join – if you know of any others that should be included in the below list please get in touch and let us know.

Leapers – mental health support for self-employed workers (read our interview with Leapers founder Matthew Knight)

Creative Tribes – great for freelance marketers and creatives

Freelance Lead – a community that helps freelancers find work

#Launch – a community of entrepreneurs, designers, developers and makers

Remote Work Slack – a great community for remote workers who can chat and collaborate with other remote workers around the world

Online Geniuses – the largest Slack community for marketing freelancers

Designer Hangout – an invite-online community of over 18,000 designers

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