If you work from home or have a business premises such as a design agency or studio, you may want to insure the contents. These include things that are related to your freelance or self-employed business, such as computers, stock and samples.

What is property and contents insurance?

The policy definition of property and contents is, “The contents of your business premises used in connection with the business which belong to you or for which you are legally responsible,”

A good way to think of it is, if you turned your business premises upside-down, what items, fixtures and fittings that would fall out. So it excludes the building itself, whether it is a rented office or your home.

What is classed as property contents?

  • ​Desktop and non-portable computers
  • Goods held in trust
  • Stock and samples
  • Works of art
  • Precious metals
  • Decorations, fixtures and fittings and general contents including, if attached to the building, external signs, aerials and satellite dishes
  • Pipes, ducting, cables, wires and associated control equipment within the business premises and extending to the public mains.

Technical and portable equipment, money, jewellery and personal effects are not included within this definition, so if you have expensive laptops, tablets and photography equipment, you might want to look into technical and portable equipment cover for those. Personal effects refers to items worn or carried, such as clothing.

What risks does Create property and contents insurance cover?

Below are the key areas that Create property and contents insurance covers. However be sure to read over your policy for any exceptions or conditions.

Stolen or damaged computers and office furniture
Computers and office equipment, including software, as well as the desks, chairs and cabinets in your office.

Broken glass repair or replacement
The necessary costs following glass breakage, including temporary boarding up, repair of window frames, removal or replacement of fixtures and fittings and replacement lettering or other ornamental work such as alarm foil on glass.

Personal items belonging to visitors or employees
Damage in your business premises to the personal effects of your employees or visitors, provided they are not insured elsewhere.

Recovery of data from lost or damaged devices
If your computers are damaged and you need to recover important files, this policy may be able to help. It covers the reasonable cost of reconstituting the data you need to continue your business, if your electronic business records and data have been lost or distorted as a direct result of property damage.

Lock replacement following theft
The costs incurred replacing locks and keys to maintain the security of your business premises or safes, if you have had the keys stolen by force, robbery or violence.

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