Whether you’re a fashion designer creating theatre costumes or an artist making ornaments, you may sell products that are integral to your business. With this, there is a level of responsibility when they’re used, lent or sold to a third party. For example, if your products have a defect that causes a fire or faulty parts that harm a child, you might be held accountable for the injury or damage.

At Create, we cover product liability insurance as part of the public and product liability insurance cover, and you can start a quote here. However, if you’re looking for the definition of product liability insurance, read on for more information.

What is product liability insurance?

Product liability insurance protects against damage or injury claims from a product you sell. Whether you were originally involved in the manufacture of the product or not, your freelance business could be held liable.

What does Create product liability insurance cover?

Any goods sold, supplied, distributed, manufactured, constructed, erected, installed, altered, tested, serviced, maintained, repaired, cleaned or treated by you and your business. However it does not include the costs of recalling, removing, repairing, reconditioning or replacing any product or any of its parts.

For claims arising from your products, your insurer will pay a single limit of cover for the total of all claims. They will also pay for defence costs for those claims until the limit of insurance has been exhausted. As a policy holder, you must pay the relevant excess agreed in your schedule.

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