Being forced to work from home can be a challenge for many freelancers, but it also presents some unique opportunities. Below are some tips on how to stay busy during lockdown, and even earn some passive income while you’re at it.

With the current government guidelines regarding social distancing, it seems that most of us will be working from home and self-isolating for the foreseeable future.

While working from home may not be a new experience for many freelancers, it will be a big change of pace for some. There’s also the growing issue of many freelancers losing work due to clients having to shut down operations.

Below we’ve listed some ideas for how freelancers can manage this period of enforced downtime positively and productively.

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Get on top of your admin

Get up to date with any admin you might have. This can included sorting through invoices, finishing any outstanding editing work, working on your portfolio and even going through your social media plans and strategies.

Set up an online class

You can use this time to teach others basic skills within your trade, this can be set up as a free platform for people to use, or you could charge a subscription fee. You can hold these sessions on YouTube or look at holding Facebook Live sessions where viewers are able to ask you questions and hold an online discussion.

Sell your art work online

If you are a photographer, designer, fashion designer etc, you could start selling your work online. Design/create new products and push this out to people via social media and forums. You could even set up an online store, to make it easier for people to buy your products. This could turn into a good way to earn some cash on the side and keep yourself busy doing something you enjoy.

Personal development

Use this time to learn new skills that can help you become better at your trade. Now is your chance to learn a new skill or technique to help develop your profession. You can also use this time to try something outside of your profession that you’ve always wanted to learn. Starting a new hobby can also help the break your day up.

Start a blog

If Video tutorials are not as appealing, you could start a blog post. You can write about different skills and techniques you use. You could start a review blog post, going thorough different equipment such as make up brushes or camera equipment. You can offer advice, tips and ‘how to’ guides, this also creates a great platform for others to start a discussion.

Join a freelance forum

This is the perfect place to communicate with others who are low on work and stuck at home. A forum is a great platform to share ideas and worries and to also find out what others are doing whilst being stuck at home. You can join multiple forums to stay connected with others throughout the day.

This is the perfect time to reach out to your fellow freelance community and offer your help and skill set and see where you can support each other. It is important to keep a routine and stay in touch with clients over email or over the phone.

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