If you’re a creative professional, you may have some impressive kit you need to do your job. Every freelancers’ kit is unique to them, but whether you’re a self-employed videographer or costume designer, you’ll most likely have something worth insuring if it gets accidentally damaged, lost or stolen.

I’m a photographer, can I get camera insurance?

Of course, freelance insurance is our forte and your camera comes under this. In fact, you can insure your camera kit, lenses, tripod and any other technical and portable equipment you need to do your job. You can insure your photography kit online for up to £50k, but if you have more expensive equipment, just give us a call on 0330 013 0036 and we may be able to help.

I’m a makeup artist, can I cover my cosmetics?

You might have hundreds of brushes, palettes and tones of foundation that make up your kit. Individually, they might be worth up to £50 each, but have you ever thought about the implications of your kit being stolen? As long as you have proof of purchase, Create can cover up to £50k worth of cosmetics.

What other equipment do you cover?

Whether you’re sewing expensive period costumes or have lots of electronic accessories, Create is here to cover freelancers. So whatever your creative expertise, you can insure technical and portable equipment up to £50k. You don’t have to list the individual items one by one, as long as you have proof of purchase. For office based non-portable equipment, you could look into property and contents insurance.

I’m hiring in some kit, do you do leased equipment insurance?

Yes, whilst under your responsibility, the hired kit is insured as if it’s your own equipment. You will just need to ensure that the total value of owned and hired equipment doesn’t exceed your cover limit, for example £30k of your own equipment and £5k hired, on a £35k cover limit. If you need to increase your agreed limit, you will need to let us know.

How much does equipment insurance cost?

You can get a basic £5k annual equipment insurance policy from Create for £56*, which would insure you in the UK and EU. However, it really depends on your value of equipment, length of policy and if you want it to cover the UK and EU or worldwide. You can choose to insure up to £50k of equipment and to only cover just a few days, weeks or months.

What if I have more than £50k worth of equipment?

If you choose to get a quote online, you’ll only be able to choose up to £50k cover. However, we deal with lots of large media and entertainment clients that insure over £50k of equipment with us. If you get in touch directly with our team via 0330 013 0036 or email hello@createinsurance.co.uk, they would be happy to help.

Can I insure my equipment for travel?

Your equipment is covered for UK and EU travel as standard. However, if you frequently travel further afield for work, it would be a good idea to insure your equipment for worldwide trips. To give you an idea, insuring £5k of equipment worldwide would cost £84* for the year, and £10k of equipment would cost £168* for the year.

Get equipment insurance from £56* a year

From £56* a year or split interest free over 12 months with Hiscox, start your equipment insurance quote now.

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