The popularity of ‘gig’ finding websites such as Fiverr and PeoplePerHour has made it easier than ever to make a living writing as a freelancer. In this guide we explore whether freelance writers should consider insurance to protect themselves, their work and their equipment.

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Writing from home as either a career or a ‘side hustle’ has grown in popularity over the past few years. All you need is a decent grasp of the English language and an internet connection and you can make money writing blog posts, news articles, web copy, press releases, brochures, email communications, video transcriptions and even detailed LinkedIn profiles.

As it is relatively easy for almost anyone to setup a freelance writing business, it can also be easy to overlook the finer details of setting up a business. This includes the tax implications, bookkeeping and, of course, insurance.

Below we run through some of the key insurance policies anyone working as a freelance writer, content creator or copywriter should consider.

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Professional indemnity insurance

If you make a mistake in your work that causes financial or reputational damage to your client, then you could face a legal claim being bought against you.

As a freelancer, you don’t enjoy the same protections as a standard employee, so you will be responsible for dealing with the claim yourself – which as well as being very time consuming can also be expensive.

Even if you don’t think you’re at fault, the cost of defending yourself and the time to find and instruct the right lawyers can spell disaster for a freelancer.

Professional indemnity insurance provides cover for you in the event of legal action being taking against you, helping to cover the costs of legal fees and potential compensation pay outs. It can also offer protection from legal issues such as copyright infringement.

Find out more about professional indemnity insurance for freelancers.

Equipment insurance

You may feel that you don’t need to worry about insurance for the equipment you use, as you work from home and already have home contents insurance. However, your current home insurance policy may not extend to cover items for business use, and may have limits on the level of cover provided for single items.

We offer equipment cover up to £50,000, which can be used to protect your laptops, computers, external hard-drives and everything else you use to work.

Find out more about equipment insurance for freelancers.

Public liability insurance

If your work ever takes you to clients’ offices for meetings, or if you like to occasionally write at coffee shops or other public spaces, then you should consider public liability insurance to protect you against any accidents.

Public liability insurance is often an important policy for businesses, as it can protect you if someone is injured or their property is damaged because of your business.

For example, just having a stray wire hanging out of your laptop could be enough to cause someone an accident that leads to an injury.

We offer public liability cover from £1 million up to £5 million, so you are in control of how much cover you pay for.

Find out more about public liability insurance for freelancers.

Income protection insurance

As a self-employed freelancer, you do not have the same benefits as employees – such as sick pay when you are ill and unable to work.

If an extended period of not working due to an illness or injury would leave you struggling financially, then you would probably benefit from the peace of mind that an income protection policy can bring.

Income protection insurance can pay you a predetermined amount every month to help you cover your bills and living costs while you are unable to earn.

Learn more about income protection insurance.

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