Fighting your corner as a freelancer

All Create policies come with access to a 24/7 DAS legal helpline to assist in the day-to-day running of your freelance business. For £56.00*, you can upgrade to full commercial legal protection insurance when creating an annual policy. From the early stages of legal advice to any formalities later on, DAS are on your side.

Negotiating contract disputes

Whether you’re making the claim, or there’s a complaint against you, DAS will negotiate for your legal rights in contractual disputes over £250. So if your contract is cut short or there’s a disagreement with equipment hire, this could pay for your legal costs.

Out of work expenses

If you get injured on set and it’s someone else’s fault, DAS can pursue your legal rights for being out of work including the payment of legal costs. This is different from public liability insurance which will defend you against accidents to others. You can also claim for attendance expenses if you are called for jury service.

Chasing invoices

Unpaid invoices affect your cash flow and can be time consuming to chase. If you are owed over £250 in payments and interest from your creative services, DAS will provide advice and aim to recover the money for you if you have been unable to collect payment. Disagreements over the work completed can also be covered as a contract dispute.

Damage to your kit

From cameras to cosmetics, your equipment is just as important to getting the job done. If someone else damages your kit on a job and you don’t want to use your own equipment insurance, DAS can pursue your legal rights and costs involved.

Assisting employee disputes

This part of the cover defends your legal rights in employment contract disputes. In addition, if you hire other freelancers, volunteers or have any other workers under your supervision, they may have employment rights against you. In such cases you should also consider employers’ liability insurance.

Tax protection

The DAS legal team will represent you in any appeals resulting from tax enquires into your business. Think compliance checks, tax audits or VAT assessments of your accounts by the HMRC.

Get legal cover for your freelance business for £56.00* a year

For £56.00*, you can upgrade to the DAS commercial legal protection insurance when creating an annual policy.

If you’re an existing Create policy holder looking for advice, simply log in to your account where you’ll find the free legal helpline. All you’ll need to provide is your policy number.
Frequently asked questions about legal expenses insurance
We’ve answered the most common questions about DAS and legal protection

Legal expenses insurance, or commercial legal protection, covers your legal costs for specific disputes relating to your business. In this case, the tailored self-employed policy would cover disagreements regarding your freelance profession.

The DAS legal protection policy covers you for the likes of solicitors’ and barristers’ fees, court costs, expenses for expert witnesses, attendance expenses and accountants’ fees. It will also pay the costs of appealing or defending an appeal, subject to your policy terms and conditions.

Legal expenses insurance cover will vary between providers, but there are some things that usually it can’t help with, including:

  • Claims where the chance of success, known as ‘reasonable prospects of success,’ are evaluated as less than 51% at any time.
  • Disputes that began before you bought the policy.
  • If you seek help from a solicitor or accountant before DAS have agreed – instead you should use the DAS helpline the first instance.
  • Anything specifically excluded, which will be set out in your policy documents.

Known professionally as DAS Legal Expenses Company Insurance Ltd, DAS has been helping businesses, individuals and self-employed professionals get access to justice for over 40 years.†† As a legal expenses insurance company and a law firm, DAS offer extensive legal support with specialist teams.


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