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We’ve answered the most common claims questions, which could help you too.

No, not always! Just because you’ve made a claim, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be paying more for your policy in the future. After all, that’s why you buy insurance. Insurers will however seek to review larger claims, multiple claims, or losses arising from a similar cause.

Electrical and camera equipment replacements are processed through a third party supplier called CATS. Once approved by your insurer, they can supply new equipment directly to you, carry out repairs or assist with replacement costs.

There are circumstances where your insurer is able to validate the loss within one day. In these scenarios, they can either reimburse you for the agreed cost, or agree for you to immediately purchase required replacement items and reimburse you once they have received proof of purchase.

Even though your insurance has been purchased via Create, it is actually quicker and efficient for all of our customers to call Hiscox (your insurer) directly when making a claim.

Hiscox has the ability to decide how much they will payout instantly and have an award winning service! Hiscox can often settle straightforward claims on the same day they are received.*


DAS Legal Expenses Insurance Company Limited provide the cover and manage all claims for legal expenses insurance policies. Find out more about DAS here or their contact details by logging into your account with your policy number ready.

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